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Mary Finch

Founder & Master Coach 

Mary Finch, MBA, is a Human Resources Professional and Certified Master Life Coach, who feels most accomplished by serving others to develop and obtain their growth potential. She prides herself on creating inclusive environments that allow for consciousness in the workplace and the community. As a product of Chicago public schools, Mary furthered her education by attending a historically black college to earn a bachelor’s in business administration in management and finance. She continued her education to earn a master’s in business administration in information technology. Mary has also studied organizational psychology, and she has used these skills for twenty-plus years in human resources, specializing in conflict resolution and employee relations. As a Certified Master Life Coach, Mary supports people in Confidence, Spirituality, Business Coaching in personal and professional development, and relationship life coaching. Mary is a published author of the book entitled “Women in Leadership Fulfilling God’s Agenda While Navigating the Workplace.” The work Mary contributes to her personal and professional life experiences led to the publication of her book.

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