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Growth Consultants

Encourage. Progress. Grow.

Growth Consultants LLC is dedicated to supporting you with developing skills to build your brand and business through coaching and consulting support.


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01  Employee Training Programs

02  Employee Handbook and other Policy Development

03  Performance Management and Motivation Strategy

Growth Consultants will lead employee development programs that have been proven to improve your organization’s productivity and effectiveness significantly.

Your employee handbooks lay the groundwork for how your business runs from day-to-day. Growth Consultants will help you create employee manual templates or get your HR policy manual up to date.

Managing the performance of your employees is critical to achieving high performance. Growth Consultants can help you design a performance management system that will ensure you are getting the most out of your employees.

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04 Succession Planning               

05  Leadership Development & Coaching

 06  Strategy & Organizational Planning

We’ll create a strategic succession plan that helps you identify critical jobs, potential successors, and skills gaps.

Although people need coaching to address work-related issues that have surfaced, it is often the case that the individual who needs leadership development coaching has a significant amount of potential and needs help getting there.

More and more organizations have begun to understand how to turn their HR Departments into profit centers through strategic development. Strategic HR Consulting services from Growth Consultants will help you maximize your HR processes.


07  Corporate and Community Education: Management and Leadership Training

Growth Consultants offers a wide variety of organizational effectiveness training. With this service, we will lead corporate education sessions to significantly improve your organization’s productivity, effectiveness, and cultural awareness in the workplace.


Who We Are 

  • Innovative

  • Professional

  • Results-Driven

  • Leaders in the Workplace

  • Leaders in the Community

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